CRC Press _Reference /cgi-bin/koha/ RSS feed for public list CRC Press _Reference Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Modeling Applications by Kelly, S Graham /cgi-bin/koha/ Advanced Linear Algebra for Engineers with MATLAB by Dianat, Sohail A /cgi-bin/koha/ Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering by Annamalai, Kalyan /cgi-bin/koha/ Advances in Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment by Wang, Lawrence K /cgi-bin/koha/ Air Quality by Godish, Thad /cgi-bin/koha/ Aircraft Production and Gas Turbine Engines by El-Sayed, Ahmed F /cgi-bin/koha/ Analog and VLSI Circuits by Chen, Wai-Kai /cgi-bin/koha/ Analytic Methods in Geomechanics by Chau, K T /cgi-bin/koha/ Analytical Measurements in Aquatic Environments by Namiesnik, Jacek /cgi-bin/koha/ Applications of Laser-Plasma Interactions by Eliezer, Shalom /cgi-bin/koha/ Applied Statistics for Business and Economics by Leekley, Robert M /cgi-bin/koha/ Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain by Konar, Amit /cgi-bin/koha/ Basic Environmental and Engineering Geology by Bell, F G /cgi-bin/koha/ Basic GIS Coordinates by Sickle, Jan Van /cgi-bin/koha/ Bayesian Analysis for Population Ecology by King, Ruth /cgi-bin/koha/ Biodiesel Science and Technology: Form Soil to oil by Bart, Jan C J /cgi-bin/koha/ Biofuels: Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Sustainable Development by Mousdale, David M /cgi-bin/koha/ Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists by Daintith, John /cgi-bin/koha/ Biological Wastewater Treatment by Grady, C P Leslie /cgi-bin/koha/ CAD and GIS Integration by Karimi, Hassan A /cgi-bin/koha/