Mtech Dissertations (SOT) /cgi-bin/koha/ RSS feed for public list Mtech Dissertations (SOT) A Hybrid Approach for Economic Load Dispatch with Non-Smooth Fuel Cost Function by Mumbaikar, Siddharth /cgi-bin/koha/ Adaptive Digital Relaying Scheme to Tackle Recloserfuse Miscoordination in Distribution Network with Multi Distributed Generation by Dodiya, Piyushkumar 13MEE005 /cgi-bin/koha/ Adaptive Distance Relaying Scheme for Series Compensated Transmission Line by Jain, Hitesh Kumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Application of Lean Construction in Highway Projects /cgi-bin/koha/ Compensation of Voltage Sag for the Single Phase Sensitive Load Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer by Patel, Darshil /cgi-bin/koha/ Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer using Dissolved Gas Analysis of Mineral Oil by Soni, Rahul /cgi-bin/koha/ Design and Development of Solar PV Inverter by Kikani, Yash /cgi-bin/koha/ Design and Development of Static Var Compensator for Reactive Power Compensation and Power Factor Improvement by Pathak, Manan /cgi-bin/koha/ Distribution Transformer Failure Analysis by Rawal, Parth /cgi-bin/koha/ Fault Classification of 765 KV Double Circuit Transmission Line using AI Techniques by Shukla, Swapnilkumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Fault Detection, Classification and Location in Transmission Line by Gambhava, Mohmmadsamim /cgi-bin/koha/ Feasibility of Ground Source Heat Exchanger System for Tropical Indian Climate by Bhavsar, Sarthi (13MCL001) /cgi-bin/koha/ Geographic Information System Based Water Utility Management System by Deshpande, Mihir (13MCL002) /cgi-bin/koha/ Implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Feature in Solar Tracker by Raj, Dhruvrajsinh P /cgi-bin/koha/ Islanding Detection Techniques for Distribution System with Distributed Generators by Bhatt, Tarak (13MEE002) /cgi-bin/koha/ Optimal Placement and Sizing of Capacitor on Distribution System by Patel, Siddhi /cgi-bin/koha/ Power Transfer Capacity Enhancement of EHV AC Transmission Line through Increase in Surge Impedance Loading Lavel by Patel, Varun /cgi-bin/koha/ Simulation and Analysis of Cascade Tripping and Islanding Detection by Tarkhala, Akash D /cgi-bin/koha/ Solar-Wind Hybrid Energy System for Domestic Use by Shah, Kajal /cgi-bin/koha/ Transient Stability Enhancement of Power System using MPC based TCSC Controller by Desai, Vaibhav /cgi-bin/koha/