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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-10-09PDPU Inauguration Function 9th Oct, 2007 by Shri Narendra ModiPDEU
2010-01-18Design and Investigation of Fracturing Fluid for High Temperature High Pressure ReservoirSingh, Vivek
2010-01-18Underbalanced OperationsPathak, Praveen
2010-01-18Design and Investigation of Matrix AcidizingTyagi, Rinku
2010-01-18Pyrolysis of Biomass in to Fuels and Green AromaticsPatel, Himanshu
2010-01-18Integrated Approach to Enhanced Oil Recovery with Special Reference to Microbial Enhanced Oil RecoveryVerma, AmitKumar
2010-01-18Design of Fracpack Technique for Medium to High Permeabilty ReservoirKakati, Rathindra Prasad
2010-01-18State Estimation and Control of Multivariable Interacting Reservoir SystemHinduja, Gaurav P
2011SOT MirrorSOT
2011-09-27PDPU 2nd Convocation 27 September, 2011PDEU
2012-12Synthesis of Fly Ash Zeolite for Oil Spill Clean- UPPathak, Chintan
2013-08Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Titanium Dioxide Based Dye-Synthesized Solar CellsTripathi, Brijesh
2014-05-05Reservoir Characterization of Cambay Shale, Cambay Basin, IndiaSingh, Anil
2014-08Development and studies on the structural, optical and electrical properties of sprayed CZTS and SnS thin films for solar cell applicationPatel, Malkeshkumar
2014-08Development of Graphene and Silicon Nanowires for Photovoltaic and Field Electron Emission ApplicationsBehura, Sanjay Kumar
2014-11Study of Hydrogen Production Process Using Low Current, Non-Thermal Plasma Reformation of HydrocarbonsGopi, Supin
2014-11Development of CdTe Thin Film By Electrodeposition in Ionic Liquid and Studies on Its Electronic DevicesChauhan, Khushbu
2015-01Geological and Geophysical Integrated Study of Western and Central Tripura for Identificatrion of Hydrocarbon Plays and ProspectsBrahma, Jwngsar
2015-01Studies on Schottky Junction Solar Cells of Pbox Interfaced with Metal and Ionic Liquid: Promulgating the Redox Properties of Ionic LiquidPatel, Dipal B.
2015-03Comparison of Various Stochastic Inversion Techniques and Its Application to Hydrocarbon Resource/Reserve EstimationThander, Biswajit