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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06Swelling Study of Bentonite Clay: Application in Petroleum IndustryDesai, Archit
2015-06Crude Charecterization and Modelling of Wax Deposition for Flow AssuranceAnto, Rincy
2015-06Aggregation of Renewable Power Using DC Converters for Residential ApplicationsYadav, Abhimanyu Kumar
2015-06Electro-Analytical Characterization of Silicon and Dye Sensitized Solar CellsYadav, Pankaj Kumar
2015-06-01Crude Charecterization and Modelling of Wax Deposition for Flow AssuranceRajshree, 13MPE02
2015-08Sequence Stratigraphy of the Paleogene Sediments of Western India with Special Reference to Kachchh BasinSaklani, Rajendra Dutt
2016-04Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Cambay Shale for Shale Gas Resource Estimation in Ankleswar Area, Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India.Ariketi, Ravinder
2016-06Shale Reservoir Characterisation, Micro Crack Studies and Multi stage Fracturing: A Case Study Form Cambay BasinDesai, Birju
2016-06Integration of Seismic, Gravity and MT Survey for Geothermal ExplorationManohar, Rahul
2016-06Harnessing of Low Enthalpy Geothermal resources Using Integrated TechniquesChinnan, Ranju
2016-06Characterizing Heterogeneous Permeability of ReservoirPatel, Kavin D
2016-06Techniques for Exploration of Geothermal ReservoirsPaul, Manash
2016-06Harnessing of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Reservoir using Organic Rankine CycleSharma, Saurav
2016-06Image Analysis Techniques and Grey Level Co-Occurrence Matrices for Characterizing Sedimentary StructureBhuva, Bhaumik Dharmendrabhai
2016-06Role of Fluid Viscosity and Elasticity in Hydraulic FracturingPandit, Shreekar
2016-06Enhanced Oil Recovery by Using SurfactantsBhattacharjee, Shubhankar
2016-06Interaction Between Kaolinite and Petroleum Reservoir Fluids (Oil & Water): Implication for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)Kumar, Shashi Saurabh
2016-06Understanding the Mechanism for Low Saline Water Flooding in Clay(Montmorillionite) Laden Reservoirs: Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)Kumar, Balaga Dileep
2016-06Identification, Optimization and Designing of Different Tracers for Reservoir CharacterisationPatel, Aman K
2016-06Stress Corrosion in Production TubingKumar, Prajwal