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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Identification, Optimization and Designing of Different Tracers for Reservoir CharacterisationPatel, Aman K
2016-06Stress Corrosion in Production TubingKumar, Prajwal
2016-06Coal – A Potential Source of Hydrocarbon Reservoir and SourceBhattacharya, Mowshom
2016-11Design Optimization of Wide Band Gap InGaN Solar CellsMahala, Pramila
2017PDPU Welcomes Shree Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister (MOPNG) Government of India 29 July 2017PDEU
2017Integrated studies on crude characterization wax deposition and modeling to improve flow assurance for some Indian oil fieldsGupta, Anand
2017-01Investigation of Friction Stir Welding between Dissimilar Materials Copper to AluminumMehta, Kush
2017-02Synthesis of Porous Catalytic Materials and Their Application in Transesterification ReactionBarot, Sunita
2017-02Experimental Investigation on Friction Stir Processed AA7075: Process Variables, Microstructure and SuperplasticityPatel, Vivek
2017-03Development of Flux assisted Tungsten inert Gas Welding Process for Low Activation Ferritic, Martensitic SteelVora, Jaykumar
2017-05Offshore Wind Power Potential in India Based on Technical, Marine Ecosystem and Economic ConsiderationsNagababu, Garlapati
2017-05Enhancement of Properties of Concrete by Replacement of Natural Fine Aggregate with Plastic Fine AggregatePatel, Ankit; Savani, Prashant; Sutaria, Rajan
2017-05Open Access Power Market in India: A Compendium of Charges, Contradictions for Solar Energy Consumers and A Potential Framework for SimplificationShah, Kavish D
2017-06Investigation of Mechanical Properties of AA 7075 / B4C Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir ProcessingRana, Harikrishna Singh
2017-06Comparison of Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of GMAW, FCAW and MCAW Weldments of SA 516 Gr. 70 steel materialPrajapati, Priteshkumar
2017-06PMC and Performance Evaluation of 10 MW Solar Power Plant at PanipatRathod, Naimish
2017-06Performance Analysis of Different Grid Connected Roof-Top Solar Power PlantsVenkatesh, AK Nga
2017-06Designing Electrical Layout of a Solar PV Plant for Better Economy and EfficiencySharma, Divyanshu
2017-06Elucidation and Normanlization of Operation and Maintenance Practices for Solar Photovolaic Power PlantsVasita, Jaya
2017-06Modelling and Simulation of Novel/Nano structured Photovoltaic DevicesKant, Cliff J.