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Title: Impact of E-Marketing on Consumer Purchase Decisions
Authors: Bajaj, Suniti
Keywords: General Management
Issue Date: Apr-2021
Publisher: School of Petroleum Management
Series/Report no.: 20195007;BD
Abstract: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As the times have developed, consumers want to be more informed. Due to that, before purchasing a product, a consumer goes through its information. Marketer’s job here is to first make that consumer aware of their product and then show how their product is better than their competitors. E-marketing is marketing through electronic medium – Television, Social Media, Blogs, E-mails, SEM, SEO, digital podcasts, etc. A marketer tries to reach and influence the customer through many of these mediums. E-marketing is a facet of marketing born in 1991 and since than it has been rising, gaining popularity among marketers and becoming more and more relevant with the times of internet. In this study, we have identified the platforms of e-marketing and saw if that has relation with consumer behavior. This relation turned out be positive which means that a good e-marketing influencing the consumer purchase decision. We also see that there are different aspects that can be factors of how much of an impact will be seen, i.e. the age and income of an audience of e-marketing would matter. Businesses can benefit from e-marketing as it reaches a large audience at once, reduces cost, saves time and increases efficiency. Marketers shall be well aware of competitors, their target market and economy to strategically devise e-marketing strategies and take good advantage of this platform.
Description: Under the Guidance of Dr. Somdeb Lehri
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/364
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