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Title: Retail Visual Identity at Petro Retail Outlets
Authors: Agrawal, Prabhu
Keywords: Energy and Infrastructure Management
Issue Date: Apr-2021
Publisher: School of Petroleum Management
Series/Report no.: 20191031;BD
Abstract: Title of the Report: Retail Visual Identity at Petro Retail Outlets. Objective of the Report: The research objectives of this study are: • To highlight the current status of petro retail business in India. • To understand the components that provide a winning or successful retail visual identity (RVI) at Petro Retail Outlets. • To identify the tools required to implement RVI at retail outlets and demonstrate the components with examples. • To identify new sources of generating revenues for OMC’s which includes Non-Fuel Retailing. • To compare the current status of petro retailing with future prospect. Methodology: Literature review through secondary data, various sectoral reports has been analysed in order to extract important data which is relevant for the research work. Findings and Conclusions: Some fsignificant fconclusions fthat fcan fbe fdrawn fregarding fRetail fVisual fIdentity fare fas ffollows: f 1. fAn feffective fRVI fprogram fresults fin fincrease fin faverage fsales fat fthe fretail foutlets fwhere fit fis fimplemented. f 2. fIt fincreases fthe fvisual fappeal fof fa fretail foutlet, fenhancing fbrand frecall fand fcustomer’s ffaith fin fthe fbrand. f 3. fIt falso fincreases fthe fbrand fequity fof fa fcompany fas fconsumers fbegin fto fassociate fa fcompany fwith fcertain fvisual felements, fover fa fperiod fof ftime. fThis fleads fto ffurther frepetitive fsales fas fwell. f 4. fNot fonly fis fan feffective fRVI fessential, fbut fis fimperative ffor fCompanies fto fdistinguish fthemselves ffrom fother fcompeting fplayers fin fthe f21st fcentury. f5. fRetail fVisual fIdentity fimplementation finvolves fsignificant famount fof ftime, feffort fand fmoney. fBut fit fpays fhuge fdividends fin fthe flong frun. f 6. fEstablishing fa funiform fRetail fVisual fIdentity facross fretail foutlets fis fof futmost fimportance. fIt fis fonly fthe funiformity fof fthe fretail foutlet fthat fmakes f“recall fof-mind” fand frecall fhigh fby fthe fcustomers fwho fvisit fit. fA fpopular fsaying fholds ftrue fhere fas fwell: f“Whatever fis fout fof fsight, fsoon fis fout fof fmind.
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